Jinro Soju (Chamisul Fresh/ Green Grape/ Grapefruit)

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Soju (소주; 燒酒), which means "burned liquor", is a clear, colourless distilled alcoholic beverage that originates from Korea and its alcohol content usually varies from 16.5% to 53%. While soju is traditionally made from rice, wheat, or barley in Korea, modern producers often replace them with other starch alternatives, namely potato and sweet potato. 

This refreshing drink also comes with a clean, sweeter and more palatable flavour along with a natural hint of botanicals, providing a smoother taste as compared to vodka. You may also mix it in cocktails as a substitute for vodka or gin. Soju is also lower in calorie and proof than vodka, which may come off as harsh at the end. 

Known as the #1 Best-selling soju brand in Korea, Jinro offers unique Soju flavours like Chamisul, Grapefruit, Green Grape, Strawberry and Plum. Perfect to tone down your palate after some greasy or spicy food. An easy to drink alcoholic beverage with 13% alcohol content, a clean and fresh flavour.

Here we chose the top 3 favourites — Green Grape, Grapefruit and Chamisul Fresh! 🍇💦⁠ Jinro Chamisul Fresh Soju, with a curved label in the shape of dew is cleaner from filtering through bamboo charcoal 4 times. Jinro Green Grape Soju and Jinro Grapefruit Soju consists of a unique green grape and grapefruit flavour respectively that is well-loved by individuals in Korea and everywhere else. 

Drinking Instructions

  1. Serve the soju cold for the best flavour.
    1. TIPS: Chill the bottle of soju in the refrigerator for a few hours if you are drinking it at home.
    2. Don’t add ice to the drink because it is typically served as a small pour and taken as a shot.
  2. Drinking Manners
    1. Do not show your drinking posture to the older people by turning your body and face to the side.
    2. Per tradition, no glass should sit empty and no one should drink alone: If empty, please kindly fill up the glass.
    3. You should also use two hands to handle your glass when somebody pours some soju into your glass. The same goes when you pour soju for another person. 
  3. Pairing soju with Anju (안주; Korean term for food consumed with alcohol food): budae-jjigae, dakbal, eomuk-tang, jukkumi-bokkeum (Mukbang Mart recommends Kim Soo-mi Spicy Stir Fried Webfoot Octopus), and more.
  4. Yoghurt Soju Recipe: Use 4:2:1 (Soju: Yakult: Sprite) ratio
    1. 4 cups of Soju of your choice
    2. 2 cups of Yakult — choose your favourite flavour!
    3. 1 cup of Sprite — You can opt for other soda drinks too!

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        Brand JINRO
        Origin South Korea
        Storage Room temperature · Store in a dry place and away from direct sunlight. You may store them in the refrigerator to serve chilled. Best Before: 2 years from the manufactured date (YYMMDD)
        Expiry March 30, 2023
        Weight 0.36 kg
        Size W5cm x H20cm
        Halal No
        Allergen Info

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