Seasoned Soybean Paste for BBQ

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Haechandle Meat Ssamjang incorporates ingredients like onions, sesame seeds and fresh Korean garlic along with seasoned soybean paste for that spicy, garlicky taste! The perfect dipping sauce for meat, enhancing its overall taste and reducing the greasy flavour when eating Korean BBQ. 

While kimchi and kimbap may be the first few Korean food that ring a bell to you, there is also Korean barbecue that shouldn't be missed out — the most popular choice of meat being Samgyeopsal, which is basically grilled pork belly.

Have you ever wondered, out of so many sauces choices, since why did you start eating pork belly with SsamjangDuring the 1980s when the economy was growing rapidly, the consumption of pork also started to skyrocket. As such, more customers would in turn look for meat restaurants! For pork belly, it has to be Ssamjang!

Ssamjang (쌈장), which translates to Korean spicy dipping sauce, is a thick and spicy paste used as a dipping sauce when you make a wrap. It works beautifully with not only meat but also, raw veggies.

Cooking Instructions

  • As a dipping sauce
    • Simply dab your preferred or small amount of sauce with a pair of chopsticks on to a perilla or lettuce leaf, then place the piece of meat on top before you enjoy the overall goodness!
    • Or simply dip the meat into the sauce.
  • Doenjang Jjigae
    • Prepare broth with anchovy: Remove anchovy’s head and intestines then add them into a pot of 750ml (4 cups) water and let it boil.
    • Prepare your favourite veggies: Cut them in similar bite size and add them into the broth from the hardest to the lightest texture one
    • From Potato > zucchini > onion (most important ingredient to bring out the flavour) > leek (optional to add in to remove the fishy scent from anchovy) spring onion > garlic > mushroom > tofu (always has to be the last to go in!)
    • Add in 1/2 tablespoon of Ssamjang (Seasoned Soybean Paste for BBQ) and 1 spoon of soybean paste then let it boil for another 5-10 mins. 

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    Yvonne C.
    Good buy

    Goes well with meat or for soup

    Phua C.
    Singapore Singapore
    Good Sauce for BBQ meat!!!

    Love the taste and it is delicious to eat BBQ with that sauce on lettuce and perilla leaf. Recommend to buy!

    Brand Haechandle
    Origin South Korea
    Storage Chill · Keep in cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight and high temperature. Once opened, please store it in a fridge.
    Expiry January 25, 2022
    Weight 0.45 kg
    Size L10.5cm x W8cm x H9cm
    Halal No
    Allergen Info soybeans and wheat

    Soybean Paste 59% [Fermented Grains {Wheat Flour (Wheat: US, Australia), Refined Salt (Domestic), Wheat Rice, Seed), Soybeans (Foreign: US, Canada, Australia, etc.), Wheat Flour, Refined Salt, Wheat Rice], Starch Syrup, Red Pepper Seasoning (Chinese/Red Pepper Powder, Refined Salt, Onion, Sesame, Garlic), Chopped Fresh Garlic (Garlic: Domestic), Chopped Onion (Onion: Domestic), White Sugar, Alcohol, Purified Water, Mixed Fine Powder, Fried Sesame Seeds, Red Pepper Seasoning, Garlic Concentrate, Concentrated Vegetable Broth Powder, Sesame oil, Refined Salt

    *This product is manufactured in manufacturing facilities that produced crab, shellfish, and beef products.

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