Pork Collar Iberico 1kg

NOTE: Please kindly note that the meat we supply are freshly cut, frozen and packed on 24 May before delivery. This helps to ensure the freshness of the meat.

*1 kg is suitable for 4 pax consumption and consists of 7-8 pieces (quantity may vary).

Pork Collar (or Moksal, 목살) is a tender cut of well marbled pork, perfect for you to enjoy and cook in many ways — Korean BBQ, Stews (Jjigae), slow cook and more. Rich like butter flavour with a texture that melts in the mouth.
Did you know that this particular cut is also 2nd only to the well-loved Pork Belly (Samyeopsal) in terms of its popularity in Korea due to its lower fat content and affordable pricing! Tips: Make some grooves (long, narrow cut) in the meat to allow your marinade to better seep into the meat! 

Angliss Marketplace is an online specialty grocery store, well-known for its temperature-controlled halal and non-halal food products. They sell a variety of fresh food, ranging from meats, seafood to fruits and vegetables. Rest assured that their meat are of the freshest produces and best quality as they swear by their commitment to deliver quality products of superior taste. 

Pork Collar (Without PresaI) Iberico are 1.2cm Thick, Boneless and No Skin. 1 Packet weighs 1kg. Born, raised and processed in Spain, and adhered to a meticulous control of the production process.

Cut them into smaller pieces and pop them into the pot of stew to keep you warm and fuzzy during the rainy season. For Korean BBQ style, prepare some banchan (side dishes) to go along with these grilled pork collar if you are opting for a more authentic touch! Don't forget to dip them into the ssamjang sauce for that extra goodness! 

Cooking Instructions - BBQ

  • Defrost the meat in the chiller half a day before your actual cooking day.
  • Before grilling, remove the water and blood using kitchen towel.
  • Preheat the grill and ensure it is hot before you start to grill.
  • You can season the meat with herbs, salt and pepper or sauces of your choice (Mukbang Mart recommends Beksul Bulgogi Sauce OR Spicy Gochujang Sauce).
  • Remember to flip the meat to ensure both sides are cooked properly and grill till it turns golden colour.
  • TIPS: If there is too much oil dripping, place a kitchen towel over to absorb it.

Washing Guidelines

  • For PORK, no wash required for both marinate and grilling (as it is)
Mukbang Mart's Checklist
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  • Sourced locally and from Korea for YOU!
  • Tested and Reviewed!
Brand Iberico
Origin Spain
Storage Frozen · Please keep it frozen upon receiving. For best quality enjoyment, please defrost it in the chiller overnight for usage.
Expiry November 24, 2021
Weight 1.0 kg
Size Dimensions of product may vary.
Halal No
Allergen Info

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