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Jjajang Odang Rice Cake

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  • Note: 1 Packet contains 1 Rice Cake, 1 Fish Cake, 1 Glass Noodle and 1 Sauce.
  • 1 Packet (470g) can serve up to 1-3 individuals. However, it may differ based on individuals' consumption level. 

In case you didn't know: Jajangmyeon (자장면), or Jjajangmyeon (짜장면), is a black bean sauce noodle dish made with chunjang (black bean paste), meat and vegetables. This rich and delicious Korean Chinese dish is a huge part of Korean food culture and is often seen being delivered in steel carrier in Korean variety shows (it is still being done so presently).

The Plan Jjajang Odang Rice Cake is a special charm of Jjiajang and odang bokki as it combines fish cakes, rice cakes and noodles together with the sweet Jjajang sauce. It comprises of fish cake noodles, made to 0.5cm thickness for a chewy and richer texture. 

Glass noodles and rice cakes are added for a fuller texture as you add in the sweet Jjajang sauce. These sweet and savoury flavours are combined together for a perfect harmony so that individuals of any age (from children to adults) can enjoy them deliciously!

This quick fix is not only fuss-free, easy to cook (there's not a need to cook from scratch) but how it also does not fall short on flavour. A fulfilling and simple meal that you can cook in minutes for the whole family.

    Consumption Instructions

    1. Add and boil 400ml of water and frozen noodles in a pot.
    2. Once the water boils, cook the noodles for 2-3mins and another 8 mins after adding in the sauce, fishcake and rice cake.
    3. Reduce to medium heat and cook for 1-2mins. Add cabbage, green onions and other ingredients of your preferred choice.

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      Wendy K.
      Singapore Singapore
      Jjaiang Odang Rice Cake

      Super yummy and I have already restock my 3rd time!

      Phua C.
      Singapore Singapore
      New Taste

      The sauce is a bit spicy but good. Really enjoyable for 2 persons to share. It would be a quick easy meal with an fried egg and some vegetables added.

      Kim N.
      Singapore Singapore
      Love it!! It's so yummy!

      Love the combination of glass noodle, rice cake and fish cake noodles!! 3 different textures goes so well with Jjajang sauce which is soooo good!! Love it i brought another pack which i'm sure it's not enough!

      Brand The Plan
      Origin South Korea
      Storage Frozen · Store in the freezer (below -18°C). Do not refreeze after thawing.
      Expiry July 07, 2022
      Weight 0.47 kg
      Size W21cm x H29cm
      Halal No
      Allergen Info wheat, soybean

      Rice Cake: Wheat Flour (Wheat: Australia, USA) 99.79%, Salt (Korea), Mixed Formulation (Soybean Oil, Emulsifier)

      Sauce: Water, Sugar, Chunjang Powder 8.5% [Chunjang 79.24% {Wheat Flour (Wheat: Australia, USA)}, Oil, Seasoned Pork Fat Oil {Fat Shortening (Korea)}, Flavour Enhancer], Chunjang 4.0% {Wheat Flour (Wheat: USA, Australia), Soybean (Imported)}, Mixed Formulation (Caramel Colouring Matter, Dextrin), Salt (Korea), Pork Leg Bone Extract, Pork Fat, Sauce, Mixed Seasoning Food, Mixed Formulation (Yeast Extract, Sunflower Oil), Sauce, Stir Fried Onion Powder,Flavour Enhancer, Sauce, Dried Onion Powder, Yeast Extract, Other Processed Food

      Fish Cake: Frozen Surimi {Vietnam, Myanmar, USA, etc. (Surimi, D-Sorbitol, Sugar, Sodium Polyphosphate, Sodium Pyrophosphate)}, Wheat Flour (Wheat - USA, Australia), Potato Starch (Germany, Poland, Denmark, etc. 99%, Korea 1%), Soybean Oil, Salt, L- Sodium Glutamate, D-Xylose, Sugar

      Glass Noodle: Processed Sweet Potato Starch (China) 100%

      * This product has been produced in a facility that also uses egg, buckwheat, beef, peanut, mackerel, crab, shrimp, pork, peach, tomato, sulfurous acid, walnut, squid, pine nut, shellfish (oyster, abalone, mussel, etc.)
      * Pork content for general information: Pork Bone Extract 2%, Pork Fat 1.5%, Pork Extract Powder 0.8% 

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