Beef LA Galbi 1kg

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  • NOTE: Please kindly note that the meat we supply are freshly cut, frozen and packed before delivery. This helps to ensure the freshness of the meat.
  • 1 kg is suitable for 4 pax consumption and consists of 7-8 pieces (quantity may vary).
  • Sometimes the bones will puncture the packaging, which is why some packets aren't vacuum packed and become slightly loose.
  • Please kindly note that the brown coloured beef in the vacuum is common and the blood on bone is usually brown or light red after vacuum packing.
  • Please kindly note that the supply will usually take one meat and slice them accordingly so there may be imperfect pieces. Furthermore, it also depends on how the cow is, eg, fat, skinny, healthy, etc, as such all the pieces may be different.
Beef Short Ribs (Kalbi/Galbi) is very much a staple just like Pork Belly (Samyeopsal) in every Korean barbecue restaurant. This particular cut is 2nd only to the well-loved Pork Belly (Samyeopsal) in terms of its popularity in Korea! Galbi literally means "rib" in Korean language and it can refer to cooked or uncooked ribs.

We recommend you to combine this meat together with a marinade too! With the meat being marinated in the classic combination of garlic and soy sauce, they help to provide the meat with more flavour and at the same time, tenderising it. 

Huber’s is a family owned and operated business and the Huber family shares a common love for meats and an intense passion for quality. Huber's Butchery Beef LA Galbi (Bone-in) are 150 DAYS GRAIN FED, sliced 1cm and kalbi-style. The company's day to day work ethics involves checking on the animal's health and well-being.

According to Huber's Meathesaurus, the short rib is a 3 rib bone-in piece (approximately 1.5kg) that is sous vide (under vaccum) or slow roast as a whole or it can be cut into individual ribs, English style or cut across the bones thinly (approximately 1cm) as Korean style LA kalbi for grilling. 

Due to the extreme marbling, this part is more flavourful and less expensive as compared to the loin cuts too. They are also perfect for a long marination period to achieve the desirable tenderness.  

  • Recommended for pan-frying and grilling! 

    Cooking Instructions

    • Defrost the meat in the chiller half a day before your actual cooking day.
    • (optional/ I usually skip this, coz I don't have time! not a must~ ) Soak in the water 2~3 hours to remove blood and smell 
    • Marinate with (Mukbang Mart recommends Beksul Bulgogi Sauceand onions 
    • Preheat the grill and ensure it is hot before you start to grill.
    • Remember to flip the meat to ensure both sides are cooked properly and grill till it turns golden colour.

    Washing Guidelines

    • For grill(with no marinate sauce), no action is required.
    • For marinating the meat with sauce (y ou can skip if you want! I usually skip this, coz I don't have time! Not a must!)
      • For marinating the meat, rinse the meat in water - dip it in water to allow blood to come out and change the water and leave the meat in for 2 hours to allow blood to come out.
      • This is a unique method used by Koreans to allow better absorption of the sauce.
      • After that you can also sterilise cookeries and sink. I usually use hot water to rinse.

      Mukbang Mart's Checklist

      • Bringing the BEST of Korean Food to YOU!
      • Sourced locally and from Korea for YOU!
      • Tested and Reviewed!
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      Ying Y.
      Singapore Singapore
      Beef Galbi

      Items came nicely packed. My son ate the first time and asked for more helpings. Guess the action speaks a thousand words. Will be back for more.

      Callie L.
      Singapore Singapore
      Beef LA Galbi - Marinated with Salt & Pepper

      Although I can’t get the Bulgogi beef sauce, I marinated with salt & pepper and it taste so good too. The meat itself so tender & juicy. My family love it so much.

      Huishan X.
      Singapore Singapore
      Beef Galbi perfect with bulgogi sauce!

      Beef Galbi marinated with the bulgogi sauce was perfect! My kids love it!

      Singapore Singapore
      Beef LA Galbi

      Marinated the Galbi with the Beksung Bulgogi beef sauce and it was so good. Very good quality galbi and the meat itself had a tinge of sweetness especially around the bone area. Excellent !

      Brand Huber's
      Origin Australia
      Storage Frozen · Please keep it frozen upon receiving. For best quality enjoyment, please defrost it in the chiller overnight for usage.
      Expiry January 25, 2022
      Weight 1.0 kg
      Size Dimensions of product may vary.
      Halal No
      Allergen Info

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