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Gebang Restaurant Ganjang Gejang

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 NOTE: 1 box consists of 1 crab. 

* Please kindly understand that the soy sauce may be thawed upon receival due to its nature (high salt content). The crab is still safe for consumption if it is in its frozen form.

100,000 boxes sold since its first launch in Korea! Monthly average of 3,000 boxes sold in Korean top food retailer site!

Selected by the Michelin Guide Seoul for 5 consecutive years (from 2018-2022), the 25 year old restaurant, Gebang Restaurant or Gebang Sikdang (게방식당) specialises in crab stews and one of their signature dishes is Ganjang Gejang (간장게장) or better known as Raw Crabs Marinated in Soy Sauce.

This traditional dish is made by marinating fresh raw crabs in soy-sauce based brine. Nicknamed by Koreans as a “rice thief” — your bowl of rice will be gone in no time while you enjoy sucking the flavour-packed crab meat. If you're a fan of salty and nectarean flavours, you will definitely LOVE this!

Gebang Sikdang is a Korean modern styled restaurant created by Bang Geon-hyuk, the CEO and a former fashion marketer along with his parents who have 25 years of experience in selling crabs.

Korean dishes made with Korean traditional sauce are also found in old-fashioned food or restaurants. To narrow this gap, this restaurant was created to ensure individuals could eat Korean traditional food with a modern twist, in a fashionable way. CEO Bang now runs the business as a second generation where he blended food with sensual design to satisfy both the sense of sight and taste.

Check out how big the crab is! We placed it side by side with an iphone 12 to compare~

This savoury delicacy, Gebang Restaurant Soy Sauce Marinated Crabs, is made using Korean female crabs filled with eggs from Jeollanam-do and combined with Gebang Sikdang's signature soy sauce made from kelp, pear, mushroom, dried red pepper, dried shrimp, etc.

The reason for its high pricing point is definitely thanks to the long amount of time taken to prepare this dish - from cleaning the crabs to simmering the sauce. Once you receive the product, cut the crab into bite-size pieces and enjoy the crab meat soaked in flavourful soy sauce. To ensure its freshness, we definitely recommend you to consume it within a few days. 

Check out below on how to better enjoy Gebang Restaurant Soy Sauce Marinated Crabs! 

Consumption Instructions

    • Keep refrigerated in the freezer. Due to varied temperatures, kindly thaw on the day before eating or a day before in the refrigerator. After thawing, please consume as soon as possible.
    • Cut the crab into bite size pieces with a knife or scissors & squeeze the meat out!
    • Enjoy the popular menu of Gaebang Sikdang at home
      • Place eggs and innards of soy sauce marinated crab on top of warm rice, and top with seaweed flakes, chopped green onions and egg yolk.
      • If you add sesame oil, sesame seeds, and unseasoned seaweed, you can complete Crab bibimbap, a popular menu at Gaebang Sikdang as well.
    • How to use the remaining soy sauce
      • Store the remaining soy sauce in the refrigerator and use it as a seasoning when making other side dishes (soy sauce braised beef, stir-fried anchovy, etc.)
      • Mix it with warm rice and eat it with unseasoned seaweed or add it to various stews and seafood dishes to double the taste.
      • It is recommended to store the remaining soy sauce for 24hours only, after thawing. This is due to varied fridge conditions.

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      Julie L.
      Singapore Singapore

      Good Flavor

      The item came on expected delivery date frozen. It was well-protected so it wouldn't leak. The flavor was very good and not too-seafoody. The parts were meaty but the overall size of the crab was smaller than expected given the cost.

      Salina o.
      Singapore Singapore

      great crabs!

      the crabs were larger than expected! altho abit salty, the soy sauce marinade was delicious and coated the crab flesh perfectly. my family definitely liked the texture and topping it with hot rice was perfect!

      Singapore Singapore

      Good experience

      1st time try this. Ganjang Gejang was good, not too salty or fishy. The crab came with quite a good amount of roe when opened. The video(s) of the various ways of how to eat Ganjang Gejang was useful too since it would be a new experience for most of us in Singapore. Also, the tip on how to use the extra soy sauce was good.

      Singapore Singapore

      Sweet & Fresh... definitely exceeds my expectations!

      I first knew about Ganjang Gejang from K-variety shows and wanted to try. My 1st was at a Korean restaurant in SG, and it was very salty for me and my family! It felt like no amount of rice was enough to cover the saltiness. :( So I was definitely doubtful when I saw it listed on the website. After enquiring on IG and having my queries answered by the helpful team, I decided to give it a go and ordered 2 boxes! :) The 1st box, I shared with my family. The soy sauce was salty, but it had sweet undertones, which could be due to the other ingredients added e.g. kelp, pear, mushroom. Definitely more than just normal soy sauce. The crab was the standout , though it was eaten raw, but it was fresh, sweet and succulent. Each female crab also came with a generous serving of umami roe, which tasted creamy and absolutely delicious when eaten in the shell with rice & some soy sauce! The crab paired very well with the unique soy sauce!! My family and I definitely enjoyed this ganjang gejang more than the Korean restaurant. I enjoyed this crab so much that I had the 2nd crab to myself!! I would definitely order this again and would be keen to try other items from Gebang Sikdang! p/s: I also love how the soy sauce can be used to marinate eggs and other foods. So useful and tasty!! ❤️

      Singapore Singapore

      Taste of Korea in Singapore

      I have been a huge fan of Ganjang Gejang since discovering it in Korea 10 years ago and Gebang Sikdang has been my favorite to go place every time I visit Seoul. I was a bit worried that the taste might be different given the long flight/logistics etc and I'm so happy to share that it tastes exactly the same as eating directly at the restaurant!!! I would highly recommend eating it with lots of rice and sesame oil then wrapped with seaweed. Preparation work is easy as well thanks to Jungmin's carefully prepared cards. Thanks so much to Mukbang/Ksisters and Jungmin for bringing my favorite dish to me. I have been missing it since we cant travel and this is awesome. 10/10 I would highly recommend this to all my friends! P.S. I also love that the sauce can be used to marinate eggs and vegetables. Thanks for the great tip Jungmin!

      Brand Gebang Sikdang
      Origin South Korea
      Storage Frozen · Store in the freezer (below -18°C).
      Expiry November 18, 2022
      Weight 0.7 kg
      Size L21cm x W13.5cm x H7cm
      Halal No
      Allergen Info wheat, soybean, shrimp, crab

      Soy Sauce Base 57% {Water, Brewed Soy Sauce 32% [Water, Defatted Soybean (India), Wheat (USA), Salt (Australia), High Fructose Corn Syrup, Fermenting Liquor], Food Alcohol [Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Fermenting Liquor, Rice (Imported), Sugar Syrup, Citric Acid], Large Green Onion, Dried Pollack, Dried Pollack Head, Onion, Kelp, Dried Shiitake, Dried Shrimp, Red Pepper Seed, Grind Garlic, Grind Ginger, Dried Pepper}, Blue Crab (Korea) 43%
      * This product has been produced in a facility that also uses abalone, cockle, eggs.

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