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Kim Soo-mi Spicy Stir Fried Webfoot Octopus

  • 1 Packet (300g) can serve up to 2-3 individuals. However, it may differ based on individuals' consumption level.
  • Individuals with a lighter palette may find this spicy.

Found along the west coast of the Korean Peninsula, Jjukkumi (or webfoot or short-arm octopus) lacks nothing but mere size in contrast to his brothers and sister like nakji (small octopus), squid and more.

Regarded as an icon spring item, its arrival after the winter times is definitely a welcome boon to supplement sparse meals. They have various nutritious benefits such as a lower caloric count than octopus and squid, and being a great source of protein.

Difference between Octopus & Webfoot Octopus

  • Octopus is known more for its soft texture. As such, it is often used for soupy food or noodles related dishes.
  • Webfoot octopus has short legs so that explains its more chewy texture. It is often used for stir-frying, grilling but above all, Koreans still think that they are the most delicious when cooked in a very spicy way.
  • There’s even a saying: “Bom Jukkumi, Gaeul Nakji” (봄 주꾸미, 가을 낙지), which means "Jukkumi for spring, Nakji for fall.”

    Consisting of chopped webfoot octopus, vegetables and red pepper sauce, Stir-fried Webfoot Octopus (or Jjukkumi Bokkeum, 쭈꾸미볶음) is a classic, well loved Korean comfort food dish thanks to its perfect harmony of seafood and spiciness. Koreans usually eat shellfish soup with Jjukkumi Bokkeum (since it is served spicy) so as to reduce the sensation of hotness. 

    Kim Soo-mi Spicy Stir Fried Webfoot Octopus is a fuss free, quick and easy dish for you to enjoy when you miss your mother’s handmade dishes that require lots of effort and a long time to cook. Kim Soo-mi captured the taste of her mother’s hands in this dish — Soft stir-fried webfoot octopus in delicious and generous amounts along with spicy and sweet Kim Soo-mi’s sauce.

    Recommended for individuals with busy lifestyles who are unable to eat their meals properly! Whenever you are craving for something with a spicy taste, just cook it easily and snap a shot! Try Kim Soo-mi Spicy Stir Fried Webfoot Octopus and we assure you that you would go back for more!

    Octopus & Pork Belly Recipe!

    Cooking Instructions

    • Remove the vinyl from the frozen product (no thawing is required).
    • Put it in a pan and stir-fry/boil for 4 minutes. Customise this dish based on your personal reference and add vegetables of your choice.
    • Serve with warm rice or cooked noodles.
    • TIPS: Sprinkle with ground sesame seeds before serving. Enjoy!
    • You can also stir-fry the leftover octopus with rice to make spicy fried rice too!

      Mukbang Mart's Checklist

      • Bringing the BEST of Korean Food to YOU!
      • Sourced locally and from Korea for YOU!
      • Tested and Reviewed!
      Brand Nappalgot F&B
      Origin South Korea
      Storage Frozen · Store in the freezer (below -18°C). Please do not refreeze after thawing.
      Expiry April 07, 2023
      Weight 0.3 kg
      Size W20cm x H35cm x D15.5cm
      Halal No
      Allergen Info peanut

      Webfoot Octopus (Imported: Vietnam/Thailand/China, etc.) 75%, Sauce [Red Pepper Powder(China) 23%, Red Pepper Paste 18.5%, Deep Sea concentration Water(Korea) 14%, Garlic (Korea) 12%, Prune Extract (Korea)7.4%, Brown Sugar 5.6%, Oligo Sugar 5.6%, Ginger (Korea) 3.7%, Roasted Sesame Seeds, Peanut Powder 2%, L-Glutamate Acid Sodium (Flavour Enhancer), Edible Oil and Fat 1.8%, Sesame Oil 1%, Black Pepper Powder 1%] 25%

      * This product has been produced in a facility that also uses squid, shellfish, peanut.

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