Korean Wild Simulated Ginseng Soymilk (15 Packs/1 Box)

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The Korean Wild Simulated Ginseng Soymilk (Original) is formulated with 100% Korean PyeongChang Wild Simulated Ginseng (which are grown without any artificial additives such as pesticides), 100% Korean Soy Beans (Non-GMO) and Marine Algae Extracts to supplement the lack of calcium in soy beans.

Persimmon extracts are NOT included in the formula and thus, it does not taste as sweet as the Korean Wild Simulated Ginseng Soymilk Sweet! Unlike the Sweet version, the Wild Simulated Ginseng Soymilk Original is not formulated with persimmon extracts and thus, does not taste as sweet. Both are still equally nutritious, so it really depends on your personal preference.

This premium soy milk drink comes packed with tons of nutrients and can be consumed by the entire family from children to elderly grandparents. It contains 4 key natural ingredients, with the first being 5-years old Simulated Wild Ginseng from Pyeongchang - yes, where all the ski resorts and mountainous areas are located!

What is Wild Simulated Ginseng?

Also known as Sanyangsam, this mountain-grown ginseng is planted and harvested by humans in wild nature environments. They are then left to grow without the use of any pesticides or fertilisers (unlike farmed ginseng) to simulate its goodness. This is done to mimic the actual growing and harvesting process of wild ginseng (yes, and its effects too) and thus, it's name.

What's different about Pyeongchang Wild Simulated Ginseng?

Out of the many Wild Simulated Ginsengs, the ones harvested in Pyeongchang are said to be more special because the area where these ginsengs are grown is protected as a Wild Ginseng Historical Relics area since King Yeongjo’s Joseon Dynasty period in the 18th century.

Due to its uniqueness, this signature Pyeongchang Sanyangsam is registered as a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) #55, which identifies itself as an agriculture product wherein its quality, reputation and other characteristics are linked to its geographical origin - think Manuka Honey!

Wild Simulated Ginseng is also found to contain 20 times more saponin than regular farm-grown ginseng and it also helps to mask the unique fishy smell of soy beans. Saponin then works together with a trademarked Colloid Technology, which was co-developed with Seoul National University Lab to allow for a creamy and smooth texture that is not powdery for easy drinking.

Therefore, Wild Simulated Ginseng Soymilk does not have to contain synthetic and artificial additives like sweetener, stabilisers, emulsifiers and fragrances, making it safe for breastfeeding mums, kids and grandparents as well.

Original vs Sweet - What are the differences?

Soymilk Sweet (80cal, 190ml) - Orange

  • 100% Korean soy beans! The whole soybeans are ground, so it is thick and filling
  • Added sweet persimmon instead of sugar to add sweetness for nutrition! * Calcium was added with Marine Algae Extract
  • Using 100% natural ingredients

Soymilk Original (65 cal, 190ml) - Brown

  • Grind whole soybeans in whole shells! So it is full of nutrients!
  • Less thick in consistency compared to its Sweet version * 100% Korean soybeans are used.
  • No Sugar, synthetic fragrances, stabilisers and emulsifiers!
  • No unique, thick and fishy taste from usual soy milk
  • For those who have diabetes or wish to gift this to someone with diabetes, it is recommended not to consume over 2 packs of soymilk in a day (1-2 would be ok!)~

Consumption Instructions

  • Shake the product for 10 seconds before consumption to mix up contents
  • Drink immediately after opening.
  • If the packaging is modified, expanded, damaged or if there is an issue with the contents, do not consume.
  • Do not heat the product in a microwave.
  • This product is mainly made with soybeans, but consumers sensitive to ginseng should consult a doctor or pharmacist before purchase or consumption.

Mukbang Mart's Checklist

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  • Sourced locally and from Korea for YOU!
  • Tested and Reviewed!
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    Claudia T.
    Singapore Singapore

    Very yummy!

    My go to in the morning w granola. Never a cow milk person so this works perfectly for me. I alternate this with the return life meal Replacement Healthy!!

    Singapore Singapore

    nice soy milk but -

    as a soy milk, it’s really yummy - the slight sweetness was perfect, can’t tell it’s from persimmons! but unfortunately also I can’t taste the ginseng flavour at all (didn’t realise until got a korean friend to read the packet that it was only 1%), which I was actually looking forward to, so a little disappointed. packaging is perfect for me to slip into my bag for an emergency pick me up when I’m hungry, but agreed that the straws were unnecessary.

    Fionna W.
    Singapore Singapore

    Ginseng Soy mylk

    Tastes interesting! The whole packet of one-time use straws that came with the delivery was not necessary though. It would be more environmentally friendly without it.

    Phua C.
    Singapore Singapore

    Healthy Drink

    It is nice to drink soymilk when chilled and it is not too sweet for persimmon flavor. Just the right taste for me.

    Sally C.
    Singapore Singapore

    Original soymilk just as good

    I bought the wrong flavor but it taste just as good when it's chilled.

    Brand Woorido
    Origin South Korea
    Storage Room temperature · Store in a cool area away from direct sunlight. Store to prevent the product from freezing (the nature of whole soybeans can cause a clumping reaction if frozen and melted. Store in refrigerator to drink it chilled (it tastes better too)
    Expiry February 21, 2022
    Weight 3.212 kg
    Size L10.8cm x W3cmx H17.7cm
    Halal No
    Allergen Info soybeans

    Soybean Extract 96% (Soybean solution - 100% Korean Soybean, Solids accounting for more than 7%), Wild Simulated Ginseng Extract 2%, Purified Water 1.595%, Yak-kong (Korean Yak-Kong Powder) 0.1%, Marine Algae Powder 0.175%, Bay Salt 0.13% 

    *Please take note that the expiry date of Korean Wild Simulated Ginseng Soymilk is 8 months, shorter than the soymilk found in the market (12 to 24 months) as it does not contain any preservative.


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