GOLD Kimchi

Spring Onion Kimchi 350g


GOLD Kimchi's Spring Onion Kimchi is made fresh daily using the freshest ingredients purchased directly from the market every morning. 

To maintain its freshness, it is recommended to consume the kimchi within 4 weeks (from date of delivery).

Spring Onion is the main ingredient of Pa-kimchi (파김치) or Green Onion Kimchi, another common type of kimchi well-loved by Koreans. Aromatic, strong, spicy and crispy, it is much easier to make as compared to the cabbage kimchi due to not requiring much ingredients. Pa-kimchi makes use of the whole green onion, both the white and green parts. 

Unlike the usual pa-kimchi that is spicy and pungent, GOLD Kimchi's Spring Onion Kimchi has a well balance of aromatic, soft and crunchy taste thanks to its use of ingredients. Without being too fishy and salty, it complements perfectly together with Korean BBQ, Jjajang Ramen, noodles, plain rice and more. 

GOLD Kimchi’s newest addition. These nicely sized spring onions are brined and rinsed, before they are left to ferment in an aromatic combo of onion, apple, garlic, chilli powder, fish sauce, sugar and salt!

With the busy lifestyles of people, GOLD Kimchi still firmly believes on the Korean tradition of making their own kimchi — Simple, traditional recipe, made only with the freshest ingredients. As this is the kimchi that the founders themselves eat at home, they would also like you to join them in enjoying this simple side dish, that is made and delivered fresh daily.

Try making Bibimbap (mixed rice with meat and assorted vegetables), the ultimate comfort food with this side dish too!

Consumption Instructions

  • Ready to eat, best served chilled!

Mukbang Mart's Checklist

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  • Sourced locally and from Korea for YOU!
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Brand GOLD Kimchi
Origin Singapore
Storage Chill · Keep refrigerated (0-4°C).
Expiry January 31, 2022
Weight 0.35 kg
Size W10cm x H10cm
Halal No
Allergen Info -

Spring Onion, Onion, Apple, Garlic, Chilli Powder, Fish Sauce, Sugar, Salt

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